Why Smartphone Have Emerged As One Of The Ultimate Wireless Mobility Products?

According to Roger Tory Peterson, an eminent American educator, “Birds have wings; they’re free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.” The above quote states the paramount importance of mobility in our life. Wireless mobility has made us activity-centric, a far departure from our traditional location-centric approach. There are now millions of invisible offices with work-from-home employees as the location is no more significant to reach your target customers or to get the work done.

What is a Smartphone?

Smartphone being a pocket-sized device has vastly enabled us to experience mobility in innumerable ways. It is a wireless mobility product that has now a profound influence on our day-to-day lives. Yes, it is different from a feature phone with its physical or virtual keyboard, high-resolution screens, and multiple device capabilities, but has emerged as one of the ultimate wireless mobility products.

It is not a surprise, how the Smartphone has bypassed other wireless devices like wireless router, wireless adapter, wireless repeaters, walkie-talkie, and video game console in popularity.

Reasons for which a Smartphone has sealed the numero uno spot

Since reasons are several, here we are listing the major two reasons in detail.

Enable you to run your business from anywhere

There are countless businesses that run via Smartphone. Sounds strange? Well, it is absolutely a truth. You can install mobile apps for project management, tracking of business expenses, virtual receptionist, conference calls, and more. Using emails for correspondence with stakeholders, partners, potential clients or vendors is now common in all businesses.

Start-ups or small-sized businesses are now no longer renting an expensive office space with the bliss of Smartphone and other evolving technologies at their disposal. According to a survey conducted by AT&T and Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council in 2014, a staggering 94 percent of businesses in America use Smartphone as their primary phone service. Just turn your head, you will spot Uber or OLA cabs whose business models are dependent on the performance of their enterprise apps.

Provide an easy access to real-time information

As per a 2012 study by Pew Internet & American Life Project, an approximate 65 % of Smartphone users have admitted using their wireless device for getting turn-by-turn navigation while driving. Clearly, Smartphone came handy when we lost midway in a new town or city as the device can provide real-time information, quite unthinkable a few years ago. It is not just about getting direction as an availability of real-time information means you are empowered now to make informed decisions. In a business environment, such an easy access to vital information in real-time proves of great significance in averting disasters like loss of reputation, entanglement in legal liabilities, and more.

Not only entrepreneurs but employees also now use Smartphone to coordinate meetings; search some crucial piece of information over the web or to give an instant approval for a task which is essential to complete an ongoing project. Apart from the above examples, you just think which device will you grab immediately in an emergency situation to get help? Obviously, it will be your Smartphone!

Today businesses are even employing BYOD programs at their workplaces. They are taking a wireless connection from top wireless carriers. Often, managing a corporate wireless account becomes a challenging task because of the complexities. If you are an entrepreneur who is using multiple Smartphone for his or her business, having a professional support service from wireless experts seems the best solution to ensure the smooth functioning of the wireless mobility products that play a vital role in your business.



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